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Conteneo Weave is a collaboration platform that uses serious games and the science of collaborative play to solve complex problems in strategy, innovation, sales, product development and market research. You can create and play Innovation Games® to engage customers and fellow employees to develop product roadmaps, prioritize features, hold retrospectives, and much more. Your company has an enterprise license, so every employee can use Conteneo Weave.

Conteneo Weave includes two distinct collaborative gaming engines:

  • The Visual Engine uses visual images as "Game Boards". The Visual Engine includes such Innovation Games as Prune the Product Tree and Speed Boat, Gamestorming games such as Empathy Map and Cover Story, agile retrospective games like Circles and Soup and Actions for Retrospectives, agile planning games like Mitch Lacey's Planning Wall and the How-Now-Wow! Matrix, and custom games you can create yourself.
  • The Prioritization Engine allows you to create and facilitate prioritization games like Buy a Feature and Buy a Project, resource allocation games and large-scale games, such as prioritizing a project portfolio with 1,000s of people.

You can register for any public online training course here.

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