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We've organized most of our documentation into PowerPoint on SlideShare so that you can find what you're looking for and then embed or use the content in your work. Here is a summary of our help:

  • Innovation Games Overview
  • Conteneo Collaboration Cloud Online System Overview
  • Visual Collaboration Frameworks (Idea Engine)
  • Decision Engine (Buy a Feature / Buy a Project)

Innovation Games Overview

Conteneo Collaboration Cloud Online System Overview

Visual Collaboration Frameworks (like Prune the Product Tree or Speed Boat

Decision Engine (a.k.a. Buy a Feature / Buy a Project collaboration frameworks)

Basic Concepts

What is an Innovation Game?

An Innovation Game® is one of a set of branded collaboration frameworks, used by a group of between 3 to 8 people to solve a business problem. Each collaboration framework has a goal, a set of rules that determine how the framework is used, and constraints. Innovation Games are related to behavioral economics, market research, focus groups, and collaborative play and serious games.
Refreshingly, Innovation Games are also fun.

What is an online Innovation Game?

Just what you'd expect -- an online version of what was originally created as in-person techniques. We have some additional descriptions about online games that we use to manage the process.These are game definitions, game plays, game results, and interpretations. Let's review each.
A game definition is all of the information that is needed to play the game. This includes a name, a description, and other aspects of the game that vary based on the kind of game you're playing. You can change (edit) the game definition up until the game is first played. Once the game is played you can't change the game definition. This ensures that you can compare the results of multiple game plays (think about it: if each game provided a different starting condition, how could you compare the results of several games?.

A game play is what happens when the game is being played. Parties and Galas are two different ways to play your games.

A game result is, quite naturally, the result of a game play. You can't change the results of the games (for good reason... imagine how irate your customers would become if you changed the results of a game! :-).

A game interpretation is how you make sense of the results of your games.

When would I use a Party over a Gala?

The details of Parties and Galas can be found here.

How many people do I need to play an online game?

Ideally between 3 and 8 people play a game.

How long is an online game?

An online game typically takes between 45 and 60 minute to play. If you're the facilitator you can move things along a bit faster or a bit slower during the game to help the players stay focused.

Should I use a teleconference with the online games?

Ideally, no. You want your participants working through the integrated chat facility so that you can more easily post-process the results of the games. Practically, you might want to add a teleconference to help get things started and answer questions, and then encourage everyone to use the chat logs for the actual playing of the game.

What are the Game Roles?

There are three primary game roles: Producer, Facilitator, and Player.

  • The Producer is the person who creates the game definition and schedules the game.
  • The Facilitator is the person who facilitates the game - notably, starting the game, ending the game, and adding players to the game.

By default, the Producer and the Facilitator are the same person. For large numbers of games the Producer will be using a team of Facilitators.

  • The Players are the people who play the game. Players who have accounts with Innovation Games Online are asked to authenticate before they play the game. 

Visual Collaboration Games 

What's a Visual Collaboration game?

Visual collaboration games leverage powerful visual metaphors and well-known strategy and decision-making models as the foundation of collaborative problem solving. Innovation Games® online provides a collection of pre-defined games and the ability to create new games based on these metaphors. Using this, organizations can create a compelling visual collaboration game from any image. 

What's a Visual Collaboration game definition?

A Visual Collaboration game definition consists of the background image, the item images, the layers and regions that you've created, and the creation and placement of any initial items.

What can I use for my background and item images?

Anything you like subject to our terms of service. We're finding that people are having quite a lot of fun exploring just what this game can do with the right images.

What are the specifications for background and item images?

Right now we have some pretty strict specifications for background and item images. If you need help with creating the right image for your game, send us a line at

Background Images (trees and boats and other stuff)
Resolution – 580X575
Background – White
Borders - None 
Type – gif / jpg / png
Item Images (Apple, Orange, Banana, Circles, Dots, etc)
Resolution – 25 X 25
Background – transparent
Borders – None
Type – gif / jpg / png

Can I upload images for other people to use?

Not at this time. If you'd like to submit an image so that everyone can use it send it to us at You'll have to confirm that you have the legal rights to submit the image, that the image can be used with no license fees and in perpetuity.

Buy a Feature online

What's a Buy a Feature game definition?

Buy a Feature game definition consists of the list of items, their descriptions, and the price of each item.

Looking for more questions answered? Send us your ideas of what we need to add next to and we'll work to get them answered!